What size dubia roaches do I need?

One thing that sets us apart is our unique range of specific sizes that allow you to choose exactly what you need, but this can be a little daunting if you are new to dubia roaches, so see below for a rough idea!

1/4" extra small dubia roaches - newborn bearded dragons, newborn/baby geckos (crested, leopard, etc), newborn/baby chameleons, tarantula slings
3/8" small dubia roaches - baby bearded dragons, baby/juvenile geckos, baby/juvenile chameleons, newborn blue tongue skinks, hedgehogs, tarantulas
1/2" small dubia roaches - baby/juvenile bearded dragons, juvenile geckos, juvenile chameleons, baby blue tongue skinks
5/8" medium dubia roaches - juvenile bearded dragons, adult geckos, juvenile blue tongue skinks
3/4" medium dubia roaches - adult bearded dragons, large adult geckos, juvenile/adult blue tongue skinks, baby savannah monitor
1" large dubia roaches - large adult bearded dragons, adult blue tongue skinks, juvenile savannah monitor
1.25" extra-large dubia roaches - large adult blue tongue skinks, savannah monitor

This list is incomplete and will be added to, if you have a specific question, just ask to speak with one of our experts using the live chat!

Dubia Roach Size Chart

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